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 Bigsuss - Admin Application

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PostSubject: Bigsuss - Admin Application   Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:02 am

Administrator Application

Account Name:Bigsus
Main Character:Anthony Koestler
Real Life Name:Anthony Alves
Real Life Age:18
Country You Live In:Canada
State (USA only):
Time Zone:-5 Eastern Standerd
Do you use Team Speak:Yes
Do you use Skype?:Yes


Are you currently a member of our staff here at SA Roleplay?No, i am not a member of staff at San Andreas roleplay im just a player.

Are you currently, or have you ever been a member of staff at any other MTA Server?Yes, i have been and i have experience in the admin part of an mta rp server.

Have you ever played any other servers?Yes, i have played on mta:rp and owl gaming.

Do you know any of our staff personally, or enough to contact them for a personal referral for you?No, but im good at making frineds and will be more than happy to add them on skype and talk with them.

Have you ever hacked, attacked, or DDOSed any game before? No, im not apart of those types of actions.


What makes you feel qualified to be an admin vs. everyone else here at SA Roleplay? (Long Answer)You see i might not have the most hours but i can ensure you that i'm a great person who is helpful and always will help other people. I'm good at making friends and i get along with the community and staff here at SA:RP i can also brainstorm ides for the server and help it develop more and more with my ideas i think im qualified because i have those special features i hope you think so too. Very Happy

If you are given admin, what is one of your goals within the administration? (Long Answer) If i was given admin my goals would be to help everyone on the server number one and to make sure everyone has a great time at SA:RP i want this server to grow large and have a huge player base so the rp can expand and get more better my other goals are to ensure that everyone who plays on the server is having fun and is not being harassed by anyone or is being harmed in anyway those are my goals if i was a admin. Very Happy

Do you posses any special skills? (IE: management of MTA Servers, or PHP language) Im strong in the English language. Thats about it. Very Happy


In your own opinion, describe a problem you see on our server and a way you see to fix it, or at least feel like is a good solution. This can be anything from the Roleplay standards to how mapping looks on the server (minmium of 100 words).Alright i don't really see anything wrong with the server it not lagging and cant seem to find and bugs or glitches its looks like a hands down good server and i really hope more people can come and enjoy it along with me the /report has a good format and the server i really well scripted and developed if i do come across any bugs or glitches i will make sure to report it to the admin team and ensure that they will be fixed and everything will be good as new i hope this was helpful to you and the admin team, Very Happy


Please restate three of our rules, and describe in your own words what they mean:
1.Metagaming: using third party communication application to convert over the game and chat to other people.
2.PowerGamiong: Playing to be invincible to be superman that cant loose or that plays to win.
3.Deathmatching: ) Deathmatching is the act of killing another persons character without sufficient reason.

Now, take those three rules, and tell me what you would do if someone broke those rules. (These do not determine if you are admin or not, they simply determine your skill level)
1. 1st Offense:I would give them a Waring about what they did.
1. 2nd Offense:Next i would tell them they will be jailed if it happens again.
1. 3rd Offense:I would jail them for how long the the jail time should be for what they did wrong.

2. 1st Offense:I would give them a Waring about what they did.
2. 2nd Offense:Next i would tell them they will be jailed if it happens again.
2. 3rd Offense:I would jail them for how long the the jail time should be for what they did wrong.

3. 1st Offense:I would give them a Waring about what they did.
3. 2nd Offense:Next i would tell them they will be jailed if it happens again.
3. 3rd Offense:I would jail them for how long the the jail time should be for what they did wrong.


Any additional information you would like to add to your application?I hope that qualified and is able to become a staff member on SA:RP and help out the team. Very Happy

Would you be willing to share any personal info: (IE: Skype, email, Cell #, Etc.) Skype: Anthonyxalves


Terms of Agreement:
During your time being admin here, You understand that if you are suspected to be a "Regular" on another server as admin or not, you will be immediately asked to leave. Should you ever be removed from the admin team, You are still under this agreement. Sharing any information that you may have learned during being an admin will not be permitted to be released. You understand that breach of this agreement will mean that you are permanently blacklisted form this community and all your IP's and Serial's be placed on our ban list. Lieing on either this application will result in termination of your admin position, If you have provided us with any personal information (Such as Mobile Phone number) and it changes, you must inform us of this change. If we contact your mobile number and end up sharing confidential information to a stranger, you will be terminated.

Non Disclosure Agreement:
Staff acknowledges that, in the course of employment by SA Roleplay, the Employee has, and may in the future, come into the possession of certain confidential information belonging to the Employer including but not limited to trade secrets, customer lists, Customer Information, pricing schedules, profits, methods, processes, or marketing plans. The Employee hereby covenants and agrees that he or she will at no time, during or after the term of employment, use for his or her own benefit or the benefit of others, or disclose or divulge to others, any such confidential information. Upon termination of employment, the Employee will return to the Employer, retaining no copies, all documents relating to the Employers business including, but not limited to, reports, manuals, drawings, diagrams, blueprints, correspondence, customer lists, computer programs, scripts, and all other materials and all copies of such materials, obtained by the Employee during employment. Violation of this agreement by the Employee will entitle the Employer SA Roleplay to an injunction to prevent such competition or disclosure, and will entitle the Employer to other legal remedies, including attorney's fees and costs. If any part of this agreement is adjudged invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining parts shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect. This agreement shall be binding upon the parties, and upon their heirs, executors, personal representatives, administrators and assigns. No person shall have a right or cause to cause of action arising out of or resulting from this agreement except those who are parties to it and their successors in interest. This instrument, including any attached exhibits and addenda, constitutes the entire agreement of the parties. No representation or promises have been made except those that are set out in this agreement. This agreement may not be modified except in writing signed by all the parties.

Signed (Digital Signature):  Anthony Alves Date: June, 21st 2015
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PostSubject: Re: Bigsuss - Admin Application   Mon Jun 22, 2015 12:31 am

We love your application as far as the forums process goes.
Also , about the deathmatching you would probably tell them not to , Jail , then jail even more time.

You are hereby
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Bigsuss - Admin Application
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